There may be a player on the end of your bench, or playing a small role, but are you letting them know you still see their potential?

Steve Souza is playing Major League Baseball as an outfielder with the Tampa Bay Rays. He hit a career-best 30 home runs last season, but as a 13-year-old, he was small and batting near the bottom of the lineup for his travel team. The next year he got cut.

Souza never gave up, in part because of the belief one of his coaches showed in him, and communicated to him.

“When you have one last person that just really believes in you, it can drive you and make you really believe in yourself,” Souza said.

Souza shares his story in a video from the Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone (PCA is a national partner with US Lacrosse).

By: Brian Logue of U.S. Lacrosse; repost by Todd Schoenberger